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Here is a way for you to help offset our 50% cut in the book budget & get a little something in return. We often pre-order new popular fiction hardcover titles months before the publishing date.

Check out the list below and if you see something you are just dying to read you can buy it for us for $15.00. In return you will be guaranteed to be the first to read it.

The way it works is pretty simple. The first person to bring in the money gets to read the book first. The list will keep changing so check back often. Titles that are crossed out are no longer available for Read It First.

Read It First Book List (updated 9/8/16)

Crossed out titles no longer available.

Title Author Release Date
Secret of Wishtide Kate Saunders 9-13-16
Daisy In Chains Sharon Boltz 9-13-16
Pirate Clive Cussler 9-13-16
Killing The Rising Sun Bill O’Reilly 9-13-16
Commonwealth Ann Patchett 9-13-16
Nutshell Ian McEwan 9-13-16
Orphan Mother Robert Hicks 9-13-16
Robert Parkers Debt To Pay Reed Colman 9-13-16
Night Watch Iris Johansen 9-13-16
Home Harlan Coben 9-20-16
Woman of God James Patterson 9-26-16
Darkest Journey Heather Graham  9-27-16
Reckless Creed Alex Kava 9-27-17