Ebook FAQs

What do I need to borrow ebooks/eaudiobooks?

You need a valid Lebanon County Library card, a computer or smart phone, and something to use to read or listen to books (computer, Kindle, Nook, iPod, etc.).

What devices can be used?

For an up-to-date list, visit OVERDRIVE HELP

What format ebook should I download?

There are three types of e-book formats: Kindle, epub, and pdf.

The format you choose depends on the device you are using.

iPad, Nook Color, Nook Tablet, Samsung Tablet, Mobile Phone: Use the Overdrive Media Console APP and choose epub format.

*Kindle Fire – Most Kindle Fire users have a choice. You can choose to use the Overdrive Media Console APP available for free at the Amazon App store. This is our recommended method.  If you use the APP, please choose epub format.

However, if you have a first generation Kindle Fire, you cannot use the Overdrive APP, but you can still borrow the books. Simply go to the eLibrary, click on “Borrow,” and select “Kindle format.” You will be redirected to Amazon to complete your checkout.

How many ebooks/eaudiobooks may be borrowed at one time? 6

How long are ebooks/eaudiobooks checked out for? The default lending period is 14 days, however you may choose to borrow for 7, 14, or 21 days.

How many ebooks/eaudiobooks can I have on hold at a time? 10

Important note about holds: You will be notified by email when your book is available. Please be sure to check your spam mail. Once you receive the notice, add the email address to your whitelist. You will have three days to claim your hold.

 Can I return an item before its due date?

Yes. If you use the Overdrive Media APP, you can return a book from your APP bookshelf.  If you are a Kindle user and borrow through Amazon, you can return books from your Amazon account.

How are books returned?

Books will automatically expire on their due date. They will not disappear completely from devices, but you will be unable to open them. Or, you can return an item early if your device allows.

Are there overdue fines?


Can I borrow ebooks/eaudiobooks if I have overdue print books from the library?


Why aren’t some of my favorite authors or titles on the eLibrary?

Some publishers do not allow ebooks to be loaned through libraries. Others have significantly raised their prices for library purchases. For instance, Random House charges libraries $85 for new releases.  They reduce these prices usually within 24 months. Although we will occasionally purchase a popular title at that price, we choose to wait until prices are reduced or purchase from publishers who set fair prices for libraries.