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Write & Illustrate Your Own Book Contest

Write & Illustrate Your Own Book Contest WINNERS!

Poetry Contest

Poetry Contest WINNERS!

2016 Write & Illustrate Your Own Book Contest

Create your own book and you could become a published author with your book on the library shelves! The contest is open to students in grades 1 through 5 who live or attend school in Lebanon County. Click here for contest rules! The deadline for entries is March 29, 2016. Questions? Contact Sarah at children@lclibs.org.

2016 Write & Illustrate Your Own Book Contest Winners

1st Grade
Opossum Feast
by Caroline Heller, Cornwall Elementary

Honorable Mentions
The Princess and the Prince by Tatiana Franco, Southwest Elementary
Molly and the Snow Pup by Kailyn Zearfoss, Southwest Elementary


2nd Grade
Space Dragons
by Vincent Mattern, South Lebanon Elementary

Honorable Mentions
The Night Before Christmas Eve by Faith Ortiz, Southwest Elementary
Plant Facts by Levi Heckard, South Lebanon Elementary


3rd Grade
Tim & Ally Go to Space
by Viseth Meng, South Lebanon Elementary

Honorable Mentions
Warning! There is a REAL Monster Who Lives at This Office by Lena Gavetti, Lebanon Catholic School
Super Pup and Super Cat Save the Day by Brendan Ryan, Lebanon Catholic School


4th Grade
The Cupcake Clues
by Molly Fisher, Lebanon Catholic School

Honorable Mentions
Herman the Hermit Crab Finds a New Home by Kendall Heverling, Lebanon Catholic School
The Dream by Maggie Bender, Lebanon Catholic School


5th Grade
by Sophia A. Medzoyan, Cornwall Elementary

Honorable Mentions
Miranda’s Dilemma by Lydia Irvin, New Covenant Christian School
Stella’s Time to Shine by Samantha Miller, Northside Elementary

2016 Poetry Contest

Poetry Contest entry form

The Lebanon Community Library is pleased to announce the Seventeenth Annual Poetry Contest. The contest will run from January 15th  through February 16th, 2016 and is open to all ages. There will be twenty winners (ten from each age group – up to eighth grade and ninth grade to adult).

The rules are as follows: all contestants must be members of one of the Lebanon County Libraries. Contestants are limited to 2 entries and each poem must be no longer than one 8.5” x 11” page; each entry should be typed or printed clearly; please do not add illustrations; place your name on the page with the poem; each entry should have an entry form stapled to it (contact phone number/e-mail is very important); entries may be mailed or brought in person to The Lebanon Community Library, 125 North 7th Street, Lebanon, PA 17046,  or you can email your entries as Word attachments to lebanonlibrarypoetry@yahoo.com .  If this method is selected please include all the entry form information in the body of the email. Poems that have been submitted to other contests or those that have already been published will not be accepted as entries. Entry forms are available at the library or at http://www.lclibs.org/lebanon/contests .

Winners will be posted by March 18, 2016 and a poetry reading from the winners will be held at the library on April 12th, 2016 at 6pm.  At that time, contestants and the general public will have the chance to order a bound volume of the winning entries for purchase. For additional information please contact Toni Ventris at 717-273-7624, or lebanonlibrarypoetry@yahoo.com .


2016 Poetry Contest Winners

Kindergarten through 8th grade

Canadian Geese  by Jacob Martino  Lebanon Catholic School (7th Grade)
Chaos  by Akyra Atkins  Lebanon Catholic School (7th Grade)
I’m Never Alone  by Kyreana Barrett  Cedar Crest Middle School (8th Grade)
The Night  by Victoria Abramczuk  Homeschooled (7th Grade)
Ode to a Dying Car  by Victoria Abramczuk  Homeschooled (7th Grade)
Stars  by Alie Forker  Cornwall Elementary School (3rdGrade)
Transportation  by Aiden Toomey  Lebanon Catholic School (7th Grade)
A Wedding Planner  by Lucy Bickel  Elco Middle School (6th Grade)
A Wintery Day  by Nicole Ristenbatt  Cedar Crest Middle School (7th Grade)
YOU ATE A BEETLE, WHAT DO YOU DO?  by Tucker Wolfe  Cornwall Elementary School (1st Grade)

9th Grade through Adult:

The Bear and the Hare  by George A. Loeper
Created With Love  by Joyce E. Miller
Journey to the Sky  by George D. Miller
Lamentation for a Distant Relative  by Frederick F. Spangler
Mother Earth  by Joyce E. Miller
My Song  by Theresa Slider
PLEASE DON’T GO  by Danielle E. Barry
Reflection  by Lisa M. Dupler
A TIME TO GO  by Anne Pierre Spangler
Why Do We Write?  by Kate I. Foley

In conjunction with National Poetry Month, the Lebanon Community Library’s 17th Annual Celebration of Poetry will be held at the Lebanon Community Library on Tuesday, April 12, 2016, at 6:00 PM. All contest entrants and poetry lovers are invited to this event during which winning poems will be read by the winning poets. Following this event, prepaid orders for a bound volume of the winning entries will be taken. For additional information please contact Toni Ventris at 717-273-7624 or email lebanonlibrarypoetry@yahoo.com