Matthews Library: (Some More) Summer Reading Programs

Teen CheerIn addition to our Tuesday afternoon programs, we’re also offering a variety of great programs that are specially geared toward third graders through all ages of high school students!  Mark your calendars and be sure to attend these entertaining, educational, and FUN programs!  The programs are free, and no registration is required.  Each program is one hour long.  Programs run Thursdays  at 1 p.m. and are presented by the Lancaster County Department of Parks & Recreation Environmental Education Team.

2016 Summer Programs



July 7

Hydro Cars: Learn about gasoline consumption, pollution, other fuel options–and then make and operate a small hydro car!

July 14

Native American Games: Learn and play games that Native American children played.  These games were designed to teach a skill, celebrate the harvest, and just be fun!

July 21

Food chain and habitat games: These games will help us learn about habitats, predators, prey, and migration!  You may get to be a hawk, deer, bear, or another animal as we explore the natural world around us!

July 28

On your mark, get set, READ … the Rocks!  Did you know that every rock has a story to tell?  We’ll learn how to “read” different types of rocks and discover their unique stories.

August 4

On your mark, get set, READ … the Signs! Learning to read the “signs” that animals leave behind can give a whole new meaning to taking your walk outside!

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