Palmyra – Phoenix Youth Center – Homework Club

Homework Club

Homework Club

Phoenix Youth Center Homework Club is a place students can come, after school, and get support in completing their homework.  We give extra support to students who are struggling in their subjects and provide a safe place for all students in which they can complete homework.

Middle School students walk to the Youth Center.  Pine Street Elementary students walk here from their school.  Students at Forge, Northside and Lingle may be bused to Pine Street from their respective schools.  For information about busing, please contact the Palmyra Area School District.

Once students arrive in the Homework Club, they are given a snack and drink and begin their homework.

Homework Club Hours:

Monday – Friday, 2:45 – 5:00 (during the school year)

We do have free tutoring during the summer.  It is filled this year, but for more information you can contact Chelsea Weibley (

Please Note:  We are always in need of more snack donations for our Homework Club.

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