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The library will open at noon Wednesday, March 4th.



March 2015 newsletter

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Tonight’s Orphan Train event has been postponed until March 17th due to the weather forecast.

Orphan Train performance reading March 3



Jockeys, Juleps, & Jazz


New Computer Classes Scheduled

is this thing on flyer Feb-March-Tom-Hocking

Medicare program March 9


Tax Forms

Tax forms have begun to arrive. We have some state tax forms, and all forms will be made available as we receive them.

The IRS has informed us that the library will only receive limited quantities of the following:
Form 1040
Form 1040A
Form 1040EZ

The IRS does not plan to provide the library with more than one copy of Publication 17 (general rules for filing) and one set of reproducible forms and instructions. This means that customers will need to make copies or print out forms and instructions. The library’s standard charge for copies and printouts is 30 cents per page.

You can access all forms and instructions using the following links:

Federal Tax Forms  Click to download forms or call 1-800-829-3676

Pennsylvania Tax Forms  Click to download forms or call 1-888-728-2937

Lebanon County Earned Income Tax Form

More information will be added here as we receive it.