These programs are made possible with a grant from The Bishop Foundation.

*FITT is going away for awhile*

Do you know what’s great about our FITT classes (Finding Independence Through Technology)? You can learn tech skills from a real person, who is right in front of you, and who can show you exactly what to do with electronic device at your fingertips!

Sadly, these are also the qualities that make FITT classes risky during a pandemic. So to keep you and our instructors safe, FITT classes will be on hold until further notice. We are sad about it too. We hope the classes can return someday, so watch here for updates.

Until then, try to learn some new computer skills.

Or check out a tech-teaching eBook from Overdrive.

Power Library Job Resources
Digital Learn Courses
Access to Value Line has ended

Access to Value Line through the Lebanon County Libraries has ended. Low usage and the uncertain financial future led to the decision not to renew this resource. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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And The (150,000th Check Out) Winner Is…

Lucky Patron Checks Out the 150,000th item in the E-library! Lebanon County Library System celebrated the 150,000th checkout in its e-library last week. Unbeknownst to her, Susan Rodkey, a patron of the Lebanon Community Library, borrowed the 150,000th item. Susan…

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Getting started with eBooks and eAudiobooks

Lebanon County Libraries provides the eLibrary via Overdrive. If you’re just getting started using eBooks or eAudiobooks, please visit Overdrive’s help page. Still have questions about using the eLibrary? Please don’t hesitate to ask us! Send us an email…

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FITT titles are in OverDrive!

Have you attended one of the FITT workshops? Were you looking for a book to read and learn even more about setting up shop on Etsy? Are you searching for a book to continue the momentum you started in the job searching workshop? Find eBooks on these FITT workshop…

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